Course of European Cultures

Seminar Introduction

ANDO KYOKO (Professor)
Knowing Japan, Knowing the World

The theme of this course is not only to examine the relationship between Japanese literature and culture and the cultures of other regions, and to clarify the characteristics of each, but also to reconsider the world as a place of historical exchange and negotiation.
Each participant will choose a theme of interest, and through presentations and discussions, will be able to gain multiple perspectives. Let’s enjoy the intellectual experience of learning about others and reviewing ourselves.

INOUE JUN (Professor)
European Union Studies: Solidarity and Diversity

The European Union, in which 27 nations of Europe participate, has great impact and influence both domestically and internationally.
In this seminar, we will study the European Union’s efforts toward solidarity among its member states, the diversity that remains in each country, and its relationship with international society and Japan.

IWAYA AKIMI (Associate Professor)
Analysis and Interpretation of Art Works

This seminar aims to equip students with the basic skills for the study of art history. We will observe paintings, sculptures and architecture in Europe, above all in Germany and Austria, compare their forms, think about their aesthetic value and interpret their hidden meaning.

UENO MIO (Professor)
Today’s society and Medieval Europe

Together we will explore themes that are important to us today – relationships, fashion, music etc. viewed through the lens of Medieval European culture.
Students will also have the opportunity to present their views and participate in engaging debates.

KATO AYU (Lecturer)
Literature in the United Kingdom and Australia

In this seminar, we will read literary texts written in the United Kingdom and Australia.
Students will have the opportunity to examine the texts from a wide range of perspectives such as class society, gender and religion. We will also discuss the literary or cultural relation between the UK and Australia. In addition, students will acquire skills to present their opinions as well as appropriate manners of listening to classmates and asking them questions.

Read, Think, and Write

The main focus of the course is to train students to logically summarize their thoughts and feelings while pursuing a specific theme.
As material for this course, we will study various concepts of freedom in the 19th century in Europe, mainly in France. Comparisons with the United States and the current state of society in France and Japan will also be covered.

NUKUI KAZUMI (Professor, Dean)
Mysterious Charm of Spanish Culture

I would like to focus on the culture of Spain, which is located on the Iberian Peninsula, known as the crossroads of peoples and where various ethnic groups have come and gone since ancient times, and touch on the history and art of Europe while considering its relationship with Mediterranean culture, the New Continent, and the Americas.
We will delve into the mysterious appeal of Spanish culture, which is European but different from Europe, from various angles, and think about what Europe is in the first place and what we do as Europeans.

Greek and Roman Cultures

The Greek and Roman cultures that emerged thousands of years ago around the Mediterranean Sea still maintain a large presence in the world today.
Although both the Roman Empire and Greek polytheism died out long ago, ancient Greek and Roman culture is still very popular in literature, movies, manga and anime. Let’s explore the fascination of this so-called immortal culture together.